IncidentAnalytix is a Cloud-native RMIS solution that combines a complete Web-based solution with data entry and review along with a user-installable Mobile App that allows for data push in only.

Our solutions are hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform using the latest Microsoft development technologies, database, and business analytics.

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Cloud First

Software-as-a-Service hosted in the Cloud means that you get the latest technology without having to maintain costly servers and complex software installations. We provide the hosting environment, secure servers, the most advanced Incident Database Tracking system available, customizable access, and advanced reporting and data analytics all in one complete package. Our software is built from the ground us as a complete Cloud-first Risk Management Information System using the latest technologies and services.

Web Development Technologies

We use a Continuous Development/Continuous Integration approach to manage code on both the software and database levels to allows us to quickly develop new features and deploy them on our servers around the world.

Cloud Development Architecture

Microsoft Azure Hosting Platform


Azure Cloud Services

Our products are built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services platform, an open and flexible enterprise-level cloud computing platform with redundant data centers around the world.

Azure SQL Database

Microsoft Azure SQL Database is a robust relational database that utilizes row-level security to ensure data isolation.


Power BI Analytics

Our Power BI Analytics integration provides a 360-degree view for business users with their most important metrics in one place, updated in real time. Users can explore the data using intuitive tools that make finding answers easy.