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Enhance your risk management with the most comprehensive Risk Management Information System available

Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS)

IncidentAnalytix is a Complete Risk Management Information System available Q2 2024

A Risk Management Information System is a comprehensive incident data collection and analytics system that allows you to collect both incident and close call data across your organization to build a complete picture of event risk. We utilize both Safety I and Safety II methodologies to identify the contributing factors and mitigating factors in incident and close call events providing you with insight into risk trends within your organization. 

Top Reasons to Implement a Risk Management Information System:

  • Single Source for all incidents: Bringing incidents and near misses for all types of events and populations (Title IX, bias incidents, workplace harassment, injury, illness, minors on campus, students, faculty, staff) brings a full picture of organizational risk.
  • Proactive risk management: Collecting and analyzing incident data allows organizations to identify trends, patterns, and potential hazards, leading to proactive risk management and targeted interventions to mitigate risks.
  • Informed decision-making: Data-driven insights enable organizations to make better decisions about resource allocation, policy development, and safety measures, ensuring more effective risk management strategies.
  • Enhanced safety culture: By encouraging the reporting of incidents and close calls, organizations foster a culture of safety and continuous improvement, empowering employees to take ownership of safety and contribute to a safer environment.
  • Early identification of issues: Analyzing incident data can reveal underlying issues, such as equipment failures, inadequate training, or insufficient safety measures, allowing organizations to address problems before they escalate.
  • Compliance and regulatory adherence: Regular collection and analysis of incident data help organizations maintain compliance with industry regulations, safety standards, and best practices, protecting them from potential legal and financial repercussions.
  • Improved communication and transparency: Sharing incident data and analysis results with stakeholders promotes transparency and collaboration, ensuring that everyone is aware of potential risks and working together to mitigate them.
  • Performance measurement and benchmarking: Incident data analysis enables organizations to track their safety performance over time and benchmark against industry standards or other similar organizations, highlighting areas for improvement and celebrating successes.
  • Cost reduction: By identifying and addressing risks proactively, organizations can reduce the costs associated with accidents, injuries, and property damage, as well as the indirect costs of downtime, decreased productivity, and reputational harm.
  • Continuous improvement: Regularly analyzing incident data supports a continuous improvement cycle, where organizations can learn from past incidents and close calls, implement changes, and measure the effectiveness of those changes to further enhance safety.


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The IncidentAnalytix System

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Managing Risk means understanding incident trends within your organization. In order to effectively manage risk, organizations need to be able to track and analyze detailed information about incidents and close calls. By identifying what is actually occurring, managers can evaluate trends and implement effective programmatic responses.

Tracking Incident Data is complex. Understanding what data to collect, designing a complex database system, developing data entry forms and online reports, ensuring consistent data entry, and building a complete reporting and analytics system is a huge undertaking out of reach for many organizations.

We have solved the problem with a complete Cloud-based solution based on the Microsoft Power Platform. We’ve taken care of all the complex aspects of database design and Web application development and built an enterprise-level Incident Tracking Database for your entire organization. You have complete control over the data you enter with advanced Role-based security to control access to your critical data. Your data is stored on your Microsoft 365 account, so your data is secure.

Incidents happen day or night and IncidentAnalytix allows you and your staff 24/7 data access. Designed with an intuitive and flexible user interface, the system makes it easy to enter, review, and analyze your data.


  • IncidentAnalytix: Risk Management through Data Analysis
    IncidentAnalytix represents a sophisticated solution engineered to transform the way organizations manage and analyze incident data. Developed on the powerful Microsoft Power Platform, it provides a user-friendly yet comprehensive system for incident logging, data analysis, and insight generation, aimed at enhancing risk mitigation strategies. The platform’s ability to meticulously capture and process incident information promotes a proactive safety culture, reinforcing organizational accountability and resilience.
  • ProgramAnalytix: Ensuring Compliance Across the Enterprise
    ProgramAnalytix is specifically designed to optimize program management and ensure compliance adherence. By leveraging the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform, it offers organizations the tools to effectively oversee program execution, guaranteeing alignment with strategic objectives and regulatory requirements. This solution streamlines the evaluation of program outcomes, driving operational efficiencies and elevating overall program success.
  • IncidentAnalytix & ProgramAnalytix: Track Incidents Across Programs

    The combination of IncidentAnalytix and ProgramAnalytix yields a unified solution that magnifies the strengths of each standalone product. This integration not only facilitates comprehensive incident tracking and program management but also establishes a direct linkage between incidents and their respective programs, offering a consolidated view of organizational operations.

Key Features

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform

We build our software products on Microsoft Power Platform, offering one of the most robust and secure hosting environments on the Web. The modular architecture of our products allows for the integration of additional functionalities as required, ensuring the platform remains aligned with the growth and diversification of customer needs. Our modular strategy guarantees that our solutions are not only responsive to current demands but are also poised for future challenges, positioning them as essential tools for strategic risk management and organizational development.

Microsoft Power Apps

Model Driven Power Apps revolutionize the way organizations build and deploy applications. By emphasizing a data-first approach, these apps automatically generate user interfaces, guiding users through your business processes efficiently. Ideal for complex scenarios, they streamline operations, ensuring your data structure drives application logic and presentation, optimizing productivity across your organization.

Microsoft Dataverse

At the heart of Microsoft's Power Platform, Dataverse is a robust, scalable data platform and ecosystem. It simplifies data management across applications and business processes, enabling secure, integrated data storage. With its rich metadata, logic, and validation capabilities, Dataverse ensures that data is consistent, accessible, and secure, facilitating insights and actions that drive business success.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI transforms data into actionable insights. This powerful business analytics tool enables users to visualize data, share discoveries, and collaborate in intuitive ways. With real-time dashboards, rich interactive reports, and AI-driven insights, Power BI empowers organizations to make informed decisions quickly, fostering a data-driven culture.

Microsoft Power Automate

Streamlining repetitive tasks and paperless processes, Power Automate boosts efficiency and workflow automation. By connecting to hundreds of data sources and integrating with existing systems, it enables the creation of automated workflows that save time, reduce errors, and enhance productivity, allowing teams to focus on strategic tasks.

Microsoft AI Builder

Microsoft Copilot Studio for Power Apps is a cutting-edge tool designed to empower users to create powerful applications using natural language. Leveraging the power of AI, it interprets user intent to generate app components, logic, and data models, simplifying app development. This innovative tool democratizes app creation, making it accessible to users of all skill levels, fostering innovation and agility within organizations.

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

IncidentAnalytix is a proud Level 4 Founders Hub member

Tracking Incident Data is Complex. IncidentAnalytix Makes it Simple.

IncidentAnalytix is your complete incident tracking solution, built from the ground up to be flexible, extensible and user-friendly. Gathering incident data has never been this easy.

  • Incidents & Close Calls
  • Date & Time
  • Activity
  • Location
  • Injury & Illness
  • Behavioral & Legal
  • Persons Involved
  • Staff
  • Participants
  • Witness Accounts
  • Narratives
Environment & Equipment
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Weather
  • Terrain
  • Equipment Involved
  • Property Damage
  • Review & Recommendations
  • Causal Factors
  • Legal & Insurance
  • Communication & Notifications
  • Documents
  • Images & Videos

Use Advanced Real-time Data Analytics to Explore Trends in your Data

One of the unique features of the IncidentAnalytix System is the ability to explore your data through our rich analytics platform. This is real-time live data updated as new data comes in. Filter, select and drill down into specifics of your incident data to identify trends.