IncidentAnalytix offers a full range of Cloud-based SaaS products to meet your needs

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Public Cloud Solution:

The Power of Many

Our Public Cloud offers small to medium-sized organizations the power of many. Your data is securely anonymized and becomes part of a larger data set allowing you to compare your trends to larger industry trends and enhance your own risk management practices.

The Public Cloud provides a shared database plan. The subscription is an annual fee based on the number of active users.

Private Cloud Solution:

Your own Vertical Integration Platform

Our Private Cloud offers Associations and Membership Organizations, and Large Entities the option to create their own private cloud server allowing vertical integration for common incident tracking portfolios.

The Private Cloud provides a private database that can accommodate multiple tenants. The annual subscription fee is based on the number of tenants and the number of users per tenant.

Hybrid Private Cloud Solution:

Join with peer organizations to collect aggregate date

Multiple separate organizations that operate within the same industry can utilize the multi-tenant operations of IncidentAnalytix to co-locate on a jointly operated server. Your data remains completely isolated from other tenants and you can enable aggregate anonymized data analytics across the entire data set to provide risk management insight across your entire industry.

Self-Hosted Solution:

Complete Customization for your Enterprise

Large Organizations, Corporations and Government Agencies can purchase an independent software license allowing them to host IncidentAnalytix on their own servers (Cloud or In-house) as well as fully customize the software,  database & analytics for your own unique needs. IncidentAnalytix is compatible with Windows, Linux and other operating systems.

The Self-Hosted version is one-time licensing fee to purchase the software and database schema which can be modified by the end-user. Organizations can additionally purchase an annual maintenance contract that provides software updates and access to any new features released over the course of the year.

Azure App Service

Cloud Hosted

We provide a complete Cloud-Hosted Solution on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform including fault-tolerant servers, database backup and recovery and Web application firewall security.

Azure Stack

Enterprise Solution

Designed from the ground up as a fully-integrated Software-as-a-service solution using the latest software design patterns, continuous deployment, robust security, user-friendly interface & more.

Real-time Analytics

Our intuitive user interface allows your users to easily drill into your data. Our Microsoft Power BI Analytics integration gives you real-time analysis of trends and patterns.

Mobile App

Mobile & Web Apps

The Web App provides access to the entire feature set. The Mobile App allows you to enter data offline on your device and sync to the server when you have an internet connection.

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All of our editions offer the same Enterprise-Level Azure Cloud Hosting services including:

Features on All Editions

Enterprise Features

  • Advanced Data Collection & Incident Tracking
  • Configurable Features & Customizable User Interface
  • Detailed Incident Reports
  • Structured Data means Consistent Analysis

Security Features

  • Multi-Tenant Data Isolation with Row-Level Security
  • Multi-User Application
  • Central Management of your Users
  • Role-based Permissions for individual Web page access

User Interface Features

  • SmartGrids provide Searching, Filtering, Sorting & Grouping
  • Easily drill down into your data
  • View, Add, Edit and Delete from the SmartGrid
  • Responsive on all devices

Specific Features by Edition

Public Cloud

  • Multi-User
  • Licensed per User
  • Single Tenant & Data Isolation
  • Individual Organization Analytics & Anonymous Aggregate Analytics

Hybrid Private Cloud

  • Multi-User
  • Unlimited User Licenses
  • Single Tenant & Data Isolation
  • Individual Organization Analytics & Anonymous Aggregate Analytics

Private Cloud

  • Multi-User
  • Unlimited User Licenses
  • Multi-Tenant with Data Isolation
  • Individual Organization Analytics & Anonymous Aggregate Analytics


  • Multi-User
  • Unlimited User Licenses
  • Multi-Tenant with or without Data Isolation
  • Individual Organization with Anonymous Aggregate Analytics or Multi-Organization Aggregate Analytics
  • Database Customization
  • Interface Customization
  • Source Code Incuded

Available Public Cloud Services

A number of Public Cloud Services are already available with more being launched. If you are interested in a specific multi-tenant Public Cloud, interested in your own Private Cloud, or in bringing other organizations together to create a Hybrid Private Cloud, please contact us.

Current Public Clouds

  • Outdoors – outdoor recreation programs
  • Adventure Therapy – outdoor behavioral healthcare programs
  • Asia – outdoor programs operating in Asia