Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform Edition allows you to install IncidentAnalytix in your existing Microsoft 365 account leveraging integration with systems you use every day including Microsoft Teams.

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Risk Management through Data Analysis

IncidentAnalytix represents a sophisticated solution engineered to transform the way organizations manage and analyze incident data. Developed on the powerful Microsoft Power Platform, it provides a user-friendly yet comprehensive system for incident logging, data analysis, and insight generation, aimed at enhancing risk mitigation strategies. The platform’s ability to meticulously capture and process incident information promotes a proactive safety culture, reinforcing organizational accountability and resilience.
Incident Detail - General
Incident Detail - General


Ensuring Compliance across the Enterprise

ProgramAnalytix is specifically designed to optimize program management and ensure compliance adherence. By leveraging the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform, it offers organizations the tools to effectively oversee program execution, guaranteeing alignment with strategic objectives and regulatory requirements. This solution streamlines the evaluation of program outcomes, driving operational efficiencies and elevating overall program success.

IncidentAnalytix & ProgramAnalytix 

Track Incidents across Programs

The combination of IncidentAnalytix and ProgramAnalytix yields a unified solution that magnifies the strengths of each standalone product. This integration not only facilitates comprehensive incident tracking and program management but also establishes a direct linkage between incidents and their respective programs, offering a consolidated view of organizational operations.

The modular architecture of our offerings stands at the forefront of innovation, providing scalability and adaptability to meet evolving organizational needs. This approach allows for the integration of additional functionalities as required, ensuring the platform remains aligned with the growth and diversification of customer needs. Such a modular strategy guarantees that our solutions are not only responsive to current demands but are also poised for future challenges, positioning them as essential tools for strategic risk management and organizational development.

Incident Detail - General
Azure App Service

Microsoft 365

Hosted on your Microsoft 365 Organization Tenant giving you full control over user access, roles, and permissions through your Microsoft Entra ID.

Azure Stack

Enterprise Solution

Designed from the ground up as a fully integrated solution using the latest software design patterns, enterprise low code tools, continuous deployment, robust security, user-friendly interface & more.

Real-time Analytics

Our intuitive user interface allows your users to easily drill into your data. Our Microsoft Power BI Analytics integration gives you real-time analysis of trends and patterns.

Mobile App

Web, Mobile & Teams

The Power Apps Web App provides access to the entire feature set. The Mobile App provides easy access to creating & reviewing incidents. The app also is available to run inside Microsoft Teams.


Enterprise Features

  • Advanced Data Collection & Incident Tracking
  • Fully Customizable and Extendable using Dataverse
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Detailed Incident Reports
  • Structured Data means Consistent Analysis

Security Features

  • User Organization-wide access or configure for Business Units or Teams
  • Role-based Permissions for individual Web page access
  • Row-Level and Column-level Security
  • Full auditing available for compliance

User Interface Features

  • Familiar Dynamics 365 interface features
  • Grid Views provide Searching, Filtering & Sorting and end user customizable views
  • Easily drill down into your data
  • Responsive on all devices and ADA compliant