IncidentAnalytix has the most comprehensive and customizable features of any Risk Management Information System.

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Cloud-Based Risk Management Solutions

Software-as-a-Service hosted in the Cloud means that you get the latest technology without having to maintain costly servers and complex software installations. We provide the hosting environment, secure servers, the most advanced Incident Database Tracking system available, customizable access, and advanced reporting and data analytics all in one complete package.

Incidents happen day or night and our Cloud allows you and your staff 24/7 data access. Designed with an intuitive and flexible user interface, the system makes it easy to enter and review your data. Our secure sign-in system and specialized user roles allow you to easily configure and control access across your entire organization.

Rich Data Collection

We’ve built the most comprehensive Incident Data Tracking system available. You have complete control over your data. Using our multi-tiered data collection process you can capture complete data about incidents and close calls throughout your program. At each level you determine how much information is essential to record.

Our intuitive user interface gives you quick access to every aspect of the incident tracking process. The configurable user interface only shows the features you opt to use.

Drill Down into your Data

Start at the top level and drill down into your data to see an incredible level of detail. From here you can record the incident, track communications and follow-up, implement reporting requirements all within one central database.

When you need to develop annual reports and analyses, it’s all in one location.

Our intuitive user interface gives you quick access to every aspect of the incident tracking process. The configurable user interface only shows the features you opt to use.

Incident Details
Data Analytics

Real-time Data Analytics

We provide real-time live Data Analytics that allow you to drill down into your data giving you actionable insights for risk management. One of the unique features of the Incident Database Tracking System is the ability to explore your data through the rich data analytics platform of Microsoft Power BI. Empower your organization to identify critical risk management trends by giving your staff the ability to drill down and explore your data.

Manage Security with Users & Roles

We utilize enterprise-level security to ensure that your data is protected and only accessible to your organization.

Within your Profile you create security Roles that control access only to those areas of the site that you choose and assign appropriate Users to the correct Role.

Person Details

Incident Tracking Features

Our robust database schema provides your organization with the most comprehensive incident tracking system available. Organizations can use IncidentAnalytix to track injuries, illnesses, behavioral issues and more for clients/participants, staff and others. Youth protection services can use IncidentAnalytix to track alleged predatory behavior.

  •    Incident Event
  •    Contributing Factors
  •    Environment
    •    Environment Type
    •    Environmental Condition
    •    Weather
  •    Documents
    •    Files
    •    Images
    •    Video
  •    Legal
    •    Legal Issue
    •    Insurance Claim
    •    Police Report
  •    Equipment
    •    Property Damage
    •    Vehicle
  • People
    •    Persons
      •    Person Behavior
      •    Person Illness
      •    Person Injury
      •    Person Legal
    •    Participant
    •    Staff
    •    Witness
      •    Witness Statement
  •    Communications
    •    Communication Log
    •    Notification
  • Post Incident Response
    •    Response
    •    Reporting
    •    Review Event
  • Analytics
    •    Dashboards