IncidentAnalytix has the most comprehensive and customizable features of any Risk Management Information System.

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Discover the Future of Risk Management with IncidentAnalytix & Microsoft Power Platform

IncidentAnalytix brings together the power of the Microsoft Power Platform with our design expertise in enterprise risk management to create the most comprehensive, customizable, and secure Risk Management Information System available. Extend your existing Microsoft 365 account with an enterprise risk management system that can be distributed across your entire organization. Using the power of the Microsoft Power Platform, IncidentAnalytix delivers a comprehensive web application for your incident data collection and analysis needs along with enterprise business data analytics. The Microsoft Power Platform adheres to the highest levels of trust, transparency, standards conformance, and regulatory compliance. It’s your private data, secure in your Microsoft 365 Tenant.

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform Features


Model Driven Power App

  • Customizable UI for intuitive engagement
  • Unified data model for consistency and reliability
  • Role-based access controls for enhanced security
  • Scalability to grow with organizational needs
  • Integration with Office 365 for productivity

Microsoft Dataverse

  • Centralized data storage for holistic management
  • Easy integration with Dynamics 365 and external apps
  • Advanced data analytics for informed decision-making
  • Compliance and security standards support 
  • Rich metadata for detailed reporting

Microsoft Power BI

  • Dynamic data visualization for impactful insights 
  • Real-time data updates for timely analysis 
  • AI-powered analytics for trend prediction 
  • Secure, role-specific report sharing

Power Automate

  • Streamlined incident reporting via automated workflows
  • Time-saving through routine task automation 
  • Easy integration with hundreds of apps and services 
  • Customizable triggers and actions for flexible process design
Incident Grid

Rich Data Collection

IncidentAnalytix is most comprehensive Incident Data Tracking system available. You have complete control over your data. Using our multi-tiered data collection process you can capture complete data about incidents and close calls throughout your program. At each level you determine how much information is essential to record.

Drill Down into your Data

Start at the top level and drill down into your data to see an incredible level of detail. From here you can record the incident, track communications and follow-up, implement reporting requirements all within one central database.

When you need to develop annual reports and analyses, it’s all in one location.

Incident Detail - General
IncidentAnalytix Power BI Dashboard

Powerful Data Analytics

  • Real-time integrated data analytics from Microsoft Power BI allow you to drill down into your data giving you actionable insights for risk management. 
  • Use the advanced AI capabilities of Microsoft CoPilot to easily explore your data. 
  • Empower your organization to identify critical risk management trends by giving your staff the ability to drill down and explore your data.

Microsoft Teams App &
Mobile App

Incident Tracking and analysis needs to be accessible 24/7. IncidentAnalytix also can be installed within Microsoft Teams to integrate with your daily workflow. Share information on Teams with colleagues and stay on top of risk management.

Power Apps Mobile is an app player available on IOS, Android and Windows that lets you take IncidentAnalytix anywhere. Offline mobile access lets staff capture import incident data anytime, anywhere.


Microsoft Teams


  • The full power of Microsoft Security behind your application
  • Manage users through Microsoft Entra (formerly Azure Active Directory), enforcing all of your organization’s security policies.
  • Customizable Role-based Security including table level, row level and column level access.


  • The Microsoft Power Platform meets compliance standards including GDPR, FERPA, HIPAA, ISO 27000, NIST 800 and others.
  • Meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 and US Section 508 guidelines.
  • Full Auditing capabilities available for organizational compliance policies.

User Experience

  • Fully responsive on all devices
  • Intuitive interface with custom help screens
  • Integrated Microsoft CoPilot AI for custom search and data analysis
  • Microsoft Power BI data analytics
  • Available as a Microsoft Teams App to integrate into your regular workflow.
  • Mobile App available with customizable offline capabilities

Customization & Integration

  • Full Control of every aspect of the application including tables, columns, naming, etc.
  • Design your own custom forms and data views.
  • Users can create Personal Views of Data
  • Add new fields and even new tables to expand the application to meet your needs.
  • Add powerful automations for notifications, custom data actions and more through Power Automate
  • Build custom Business Process Flows to route users through a structured process.
  • Advanced Approval capabilities to meet your organization requirements.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing SharePoint and OneDrive for document management
  • Integrates with your existing systems with over 1000 Power Platform connectors to sources like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and more.

Technical Specifications

  • Multi-layered Model Driven Power App Solution
  • Application Life Cycle Management ready out of the box
  • Easily Import Existing Data or Export Data for additional analysis and reporting
  • Modular architecture allows the addition of other IncidentAnalytix products and services

Incident Tracking Features

Our robust database schema provides your organization with the most comprehensive incident tracking system available. Organizations can use IncidentAnalytix to track injuries, illnesses, behavioral issues and more for clients/participants, staff and others. Youth protection services can use IncidentAnalytix to track alleged predatory behavior.

  •    Incident Event
  •    Contributing Factors
  •    Environment
    •    Environment Type
    •    Environmental Condition
    •    Weather
  •    Documents
    •    Files
    •    Images
    •    Video
  •    Legal
    •    Legal Issue
    •    Insurance Claim
    •    Police Report
  •    Equipment
    •    Property Damage
    •    Vehicle
  • People
    •    Persons
      •    Person Behavior
      •    Person Illness
      •    Person Injury
      •    Person Legal
    •    Participant
    •    Staff
    •    Witness
      •    Witness Statement
  •    Communications
    •    Communication Log
    •    Notification
  • Post Incident Response
    •    Response
    •    Reporting
    •    Review Event
  • Analytics
    •    Dashboards