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What is a Risk Management
Information System (RMIS)?

Safety Science research shows that there are far more near misses than actual adverse outcomes. Simply collecting data on adverse outcomes means that you miss all of the 'risk iceberg' beneath the surface.

The IncidentAnalytix RMIS platform allows you to track and analyze all incident events giving you a comprehensive view of your organizational risk and provides rich insights for risk mitigation.

Who Needs a Risk Management Information System?

Any organization that serves people needs to be able to track incident events for participants and staff.


Youth Serving Agencies & Camps

Youth Service Agencies, Camps, and organizations that work with youth need to track incident & close call events and be especially vigilant about tracking bullying and inappropriate behavior with minors.

Colleges & Universities

Colleges & Universities need to track incidents on study abroad programs, field study and research trips, community service, outdoor recreation, athletics and on-campus incidents including cases of sexual harassment & assault for both students and staff.

Ski Areas & Recreation Centers

Ski Areas and Recreation Centers need accurate tracking and analytics of accidents and near misses on the slopes and in facilities both on and off season for clients and staff including worker’s comp cases.

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Outfitters & Guide Services

Outfitters and Guide Services need to track close calls and incidents in client-based programs, staff trainings and for staff-related worker’s comp cases.

Climbing Gyms & Ropes Courses

Climbing Gyms and Ropes Course Programs need to track incidents and near misses for client events both supervised and unsupervised, children’s programs, competitions and staff and worker’s comp-related incidents.

Adventure Travel Companies

Adventure Travel companies operate around the globe and need quick reporting on incidents and close calls to evaluate conditions on the ground.

Government Agencies & Programs

Government agencies that interact with and serve the public particularly on public lands need the ability to track incidents and close calls for public users and for employees in order to build trend analysis that help with resource allocation.

Outdoor Programs & Centers

Professional outdoor education and recreation programs and centers need detailed information on incidents and close calls in all field-based and facility-based settings for both clients and staff. 

Therapeutic Programs

Therapeutic programs particularly those that involve a residential component have a higher level of risk and need to track incidents in client to client interaction as well as client to staff interaction.

Associations & Accrediting Bodies

Associations & Accrediting Bodies need to track incidents in order to understand the risk management landscape and develop protocols, procedures and training guidelines for best practices for member groups. Creating a structure for incident reporting elevates the overall safety of the entire group.

Insurance Providers

Insurance Providers need complete data from clients to assess risk levels and aid their clients in implementing risk reduction strategies but often only get limited accident reports. Providing clients with a robust and easy to use system to collect both incident and close call data provides rich data for analysis.

Emergency Services & SAR

Emergency Services, Avalanche and Search & Rescue groups need to be able to track incident events in both front country and backcountry settings for victims and rescue personnel.

Gap Year & Travel Programs

Gap Year and International Travel programs operate in multiple countries often with different levels of infrastructure & support services and need detailed tracking of incident events and close calls related to student participants, particularly those under 18.