The Self-Hosted license allows large organizations to purchase a perpetual software license allowing them to host their own multi-tenant/multi-user IncidentAnalytix system on a single in-house server or cloud provider instance as well as fully customize the software and database for their own unique needs.

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Self-Hosted Solutions

The Self-Hosted option is for large organizations, corporations and government entities that want to host the platform on their own in-house or cloud-based servers. You purchase a perpetual license to the source code and database schema. This gives you all of the features of IncidentAnalytix plus complete customization of the database structure and the ability to extend the application code. This option is also suited for organizations that have their own in-house authentication/authorization system and need IncidentAnalytix to work with that system.


  • Unlimited Number of Organizations
  • Unlimited Number of Users for each Organization
  • Data is securely isolated for each Organization
  • There can be different Feature Sets available to different Organizations including the number of active user licenses for each Organization
  • Full customization capabilities across database lookup categories
  • Customizable Analytics Charts and Graphs
  • Organization-only as well as Aggregate Data Analytics provide rich analysis for all members

Self-Hosted Licensing

Our Self-Hosted licensing is a one-time full source code and database schema license. There is also the option of an annual maintenance annual subscription that includes all product enhancements released over that year period.