Ordering IncidentAnalytix Cloud Services

Public Cloud Licensing

Public Cloud licensing is based on the number of Users who can log into the system simultaneously. Web Application User licenses are purchased on an annual basis. You can add additional licenses at any time which means that you can start with a limited number of licenses and scale up as needed. 

The Mobile App is designed for data submission only. Web Application User licenses are purchased on an annual basis. You can purchase Mobile User licenses for each individual or purchase one user license for the Mobile app and share that among multiple staff members based on your specific needs. This provides maximal flexibility if you utilize seasonal or rotating staff or volunteers. 

To place an order for Public Cloud Licenses, go to the IncidentAnalytix.store and select the number of licenses needed. Tiered discounts are available for ordering larger numbers of licenses.

After ordering, complete the onboarding form to let us know which Public Cloud Server you would like to be added to and to let us know the distribution of Web Application and Mobile App licenses. 

Additional Public Cloud Servers are being deployed based on client requests.

Private Cloud & Hybrid Private Cloud Licensing

Private Cloud licensing is based on a per Server annual subscription fee based on the capacity and features of your Private Server. Hybrid Private Clouds can be set up when there are multiple organizations interested in co-locating on the same server. Contact us to discuss your specific deployment needs so we can provide you with pricing.

Self-Hosted Licensing

Our Self-Hosted solution offers the option to purchase a permanent software license which includes all source code and database schema to be able to install IncidentAnalytix on a single in-house server instance or single cloud server instance.  Contact us to discuss pricing.