Ordering Products

Products will be available for order starting Q2 2024.


IncidentAnalytix represents a sophisticated solution engineered to transform the way organizations manage and analyze incident data. Developed on the powerful Microsoft Power Platform, it provides a user-friendly yet comprehensive system for incident logging, data analysis, and insight generation, aimed at enhancing risk mitigation strategies. The platform’s ability to meticulously capture and process incident information promotes a proactive safety culture, reinforcing organizational accountability and resilience. 


ProgramAnalytix is specifically designed to optimize program management and ensure compliance adherence. By leveraging the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform, it offers organizations the tools to effectively oversee program execution, guaranteeing alignment with strategic objectives and regulatory requirements. This solution streamlines the evaluation of program outcomes, driving operational efficiencies and elevating overall program success.

IncidentAnalytix & ProgramAnalytix

The combination of IncidentAnalytix and ProgramAnalytix yields a unified solution that magnifies the strengths of each standalone product. This integration not only facilitates comprehensive incident tracking and program management but also establishes a direct linkage between incidents and their respective programs, offering a consolidated view of organizational operations.