Here are answers to common questions about the IncidentAnalytix Cloud platform.

Managing Risk means understanding incident trends within your organization. In order to effectively manage risk, organizations need to be able to track and analyze detailed information about incidents and close calls. By identifying what is actually occurring, managers can evaluate trends and implement effective programmatic responses.

Tracking Incident Data is complex. Understanding what data to collect, designing a complex database system, developing data entry forms and online reports, ensuring consistent data entry, and building a complete reporting and analytics system is a huge undertaking and is often out of reach for many organizations.

We have solved the problem with a complete Cloud-based solution. We’ve taken care of all the complex aspects of database design and Web application development and built an enterprise-level Incident Tracking Database for your entire organization. You have complete control over the data you enter with advanced Role-based security to control access to your critical data. We provide complete data isolation so your data is always secure.

Incidents happen day or night and our Cloud allows you and your staff 24/7 data access. Designed with an intuitive and flexible user interface, the system makes it easy to enter and review your data. Our secure sign-in system and specialized user roles allow you to easily configure and control access across your entire organization.

Our Software-as-a-Service hosted in the Cloud means that you get the latest technology without having to maintain costly servers and complex software installations. We provide the complete hosting environment, secure servers, the most advanced Incident Tracking system available, customizable access, and advanced reporting and data analytics all in one complete package.

We build our software products on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, offering one of the most robust and secure hosting environments on the Web. We offer three different licensing options for companies based on the number of users and your organization’s needs for customization.

  • Public Cloud: The Power of Many
    Small to Mid-sized organizations need a cost-effective solution for collecting, cataloging and analyzing incident data. Our Public Cloud product provides a complete technology solution in a secure multi-tenant Cloud System. Our multi-tenant system securely isolates your data. For analytics purposes we merge anonymized data across the Public Cloud to expand your insight by allowing you to compare your trends to larger industry trends enhancing your own risk management practices.
  • Private Cloud & Hybrid Private Cloud: Your own Vertical Integration Platform
    Large organizations need a single Incident Data repository where staff from around the world can submit data and managers can constantly monitor and manage incidents in real time. Our Private Cloud offers Associations, Membership Organizations, and Large Entities the option to create their own private cloud server with multiple isolated tenants each with multiple users and collective analytics allowing vertical integration for common incident tracking portfolios.
  • Self-Hosted: Complete Customization for your Enterprise
    Corporations and Government Agencies can purchase an independent software license allowing them to host a multi-tenant/multi-user system on their own servers as well as fully customize the software, database schema & analytics for your unique needs. Contact us directly if you are interested in directly licensing our software on your on server.