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Private Cloud
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Private Cloud Solutions

Private Server with Organizational Data Isolation

Our Private Cloud offers larger Organizations, Associations and Membership Organizations the option to create their own private cloud server with multiple isolated organization tenants each with multiple users allowing vertical integration for common incident tracking portfolios. Our multi-tenant system securely isolates data so that it is accessible only to each organization’s designated users. For analytics purposes, we merge anonymized data across other all of the organizations on your Private Cloud allowing you to identify trends across your industry. A Private Cloud account provides a rich set of features for all of your member organizations. There also is a Hybrid Private Cloud Solution for different organizations who decide to co-locate in order to collect common industry data.


  • Unlimited Number of Organizations
  • Unlimited Number of Users for each Organization
  • Data is securely isolated for each Organization
  • There can be different Feature Sets available to different Organizations including the number of active user licenses for each Organization
  • Full customization capabilities across database lookup categories
  • Customizable Analytics Charts and Graphs
  • Organization-only as well as Aggregate Data Analytics provide rich analysis for all members

Private Cloud Licensing

Our Private Cloud licensing is based on a per Server annual subscription fee and allows for an unlimited number of Users. Per server pricing is calculated based on CPU load, database storage size, and  server features. With larger numbers of users, a Private Cloud Server has a lower annual cost.